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Bowen - A new and Accurate Map of the World

£460.00 Approx $572.85, €534.88

Code: JR2095

Date: 1748

Condition: A

Colour: Uncolured

Size: 28.8 x 54.6 cm

Title: 'New and Accurate map of the World. Drawn from the best Authoritiesâ?¦ Describing the course of each of the Circum-Navigators viz. Ferdinand Magellan, Sr. Francis Drake and Commodore Anson. A,' from John Harris' "A Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels".

Many interesting features include the eastern third of Australia or "New Holland" and most of New Zealand that are left ill defined  as is the north west coast of America. "De Gama's Land" is noted slightly above and to the east of Japan.

Text below the map is the following: The Reader is desired to observe, that Sr. Francis Drake was the first navigator who made the Circuit of the Globe: For tho' Magellan was First in that Design, yet as he was unfortunately killed at one of the Ladrone Islands, he cannot properly be intitled [sic] a Circumnavigator.

A very elegant map on an oval projection.

In good condition with minor toning and creasing.