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Bowen - Accurate Map of the East Riding of Yo

£260.00 Approx $319.8, €303.38

Code: JR1978

Date: c 1760

Condition: AA

Colour: Original 

Size: 52 x 70 cms

Title: 'An Accurate Map of The East Riding of Yorkshire, divided into its Wapontakes, etc'. 

An intricate and elegant map of the East Riding by Emmanuel Bowen produced in the 1760's. Richly decorated with an insert view of Kingston upon Hull and very subtle original colouring of major boundaries. 

From: The Large English Atlas: or, a New Set of Maps of all the Countries in England and Wales], T. Bowles, John Bowles, John Tinney, and Robert Sayer, [c.1760]

In very good clean condition.