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SOLD Arabia Felice Nvova Tavola


Code: 78374

Title: 'Arabia Felice Nvova Tavola'.

A woodcut map of the Arabian Peninsular, published in Venice, Italy in 1562 by Girolamo Ruscelli. This map is an enlarged version of the same map published in 1548 by Giacomo Gastaldi. Ruscelli's edition of Ptolemy's Geographia included newly engraved copperplates by Giulio and Livio Sanuti. The curious fact is that this map is one of two that were engraved on the same plate, printed and than separated for the book. This can be seen in the atlas by the fact that the plate mark of the map runs off the top of the page. In 1574 a new plate was used which lasted until the final edition of 1599.

In very good condition. Some fading visible to left vertical axis of map, but in general strong impression on stable paper. Vertical fold as issued.

Ref: Tibbetts, Arabia, 27.