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Moll - A map of New France....


Code: 78350

Title: 'A map of New France containing Canada, Louisiana...'

A map showing the English perspective of the colonial division of North America in Molls unique style.

Full of interesting observations and sometimes referred to as the "Crozat grant" map, the first attempt to illustrate the area of "Louisiana" in North America.

Features include "The Fishing Banks of Newfoundland" noted, "The Western Ocean" (Atlantic), "Parts Unknown" north of "New Mexico", "Mexico or New Spain", a note that points out east of Florida that "the whole Armada sails for Spain thro this Gulf" and interesting shapes of the Great Lakes, "New Scotland" south of "St. Laurens R.", "James T." marked in Virginia,

In excellent condition, with wide clean margins.

(Better picture to follow).