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Tirinius - Chorographia Terrae Sanctae

£900.00 Approx $1136.36, €1048.95

Code: 77865

Title: 'Chorographia Terrae Sanctae In Angustiorem Formam Redacta Et Ex Variis Auctoribus Amultios Erroribus Expurgata'.

Double-page map of Israel, oriented to the east, including border illustrating artifacts and architecture. Includes mountain ridges, bodies of water, and hundreds of towns, 3 ships at sea. Jerusalem inset city view, ''Hierosolymae Veteris Imago'', labelling structures built during Roman occupation. Border consists of 16 engravings: Map of 1st temple, later buildings, urns, 2 sides of a coin, etc

In unrestored antiquarian condition with creases, toning and a few very min or small chips (reflected in the price).