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SOLD Das Kunigreich Engellandt


Code: 77645

Title: 'Das Kunigreich Engellandt mit dem Anstossenden Rich Scottlandt so vor Zeiten Albion und Britannia haben Geheissen'.

A fine woodcut map of England and Scotland.

North is orientated to the left. The map primarily identifies Cathedral towns. Munster's map of England was the first separately printed map of England and a cartographic landmark in the history of British maps. A key in the upper left corner shows the English and Latin names for 17 major place names in England. The map includes the Royal Standard at the top center and the Scottish flag at lower left. Many of the 80 or so towns named, as well as the rivers and other topographical features, are shown for the first time.

In very good condition with minor margin toning and a small repaired tear at the lower edge that just croses the engraved area..