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SOLD An accurate map of Turkey in Asia, Arabia &c


Code: 76981

Throughout his life as a mapseller, geographer and engraver in England, G. Rollos was prolific in his output for a number of publications covering a wide range of subjects.

This beautiful map was published circa 1770 and is entitled "An accurate map of Turkey in Asia, Arabia &c." It shows the Ottoman Empire in Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and parts of Persia and Africa. There is a wealth of detail with the major cities such as Jerusalem, Damascus and Mecca marked. Even the ruins of Babel can be found as well as "wells of good water" in the desert.

The map is in excellent condition, has fine later outline hand coloring and two folds (as issued). A decorative title cartouche and small compass rose are features. "G. Rollos Sculp" is engraved just above the bottom border.