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SOLD Great Tartary


Code: 76651

Title: 'Great Tartary with the tract of the Moscovite Ambassador...'

This fine copperplate map in Molls very distinctive style was published in 1732. It depicts what is today the Russian part of Asia and the republics to the south of it. The map is full of fascinating detail. Moll has plotted the journey of the Moscovite Ambassador's journey from Moscow to Pekin (Beijing). He passed through the Great Wall of China (marked) which Moll notes was " built above 200 Years before the incarnation". Some of the map is labelled "Parts Unknown" although Cape Desire on the island of Nova Zembla in "The Frozen Ocean" is where "Hemskerk wintered 1596".

The map is in good condition, has outline hand colouring and is printed on heavy paper without folds. The top left corner has been expertly repaired and does not impact on the engraved area.