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SOLD Asia ex magna Orbis terre descriptione Gerardi Mercatoris


Code: 76552

Title: 'Asia ex magna Orbis terre descriptione Gerardi Mercatoris'.

A finely engraved map of Asia from the Mercator Hondius Atlas. First issued 1595, this map of Asia still has several interesting points: Japan stilll has an oval shape with a chain of islands to the south, despite the inclusion of a much more accurate map in the same atlas; an island marked "Polus Magnetis" appears just above the Straits of Anian, away from a polar landmass; and north-west America appears, with two towns within the kingdom of "Quivera". KOEMAN: Me 23a. Typical classic early embellishments include the sailing ships and the ornate title cartouche.

The map is in excellent condition with wide margins and no discernible faults. The shadow at the centrefold is caused by flash photography.