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SOLD Novissima Regni Scotiae septentrionalis et meridionalis tabula


Code: 76448

Full Title: 'Novissima Regni Scotiae septentrionalis et meridionalis tabula, divisae in ducatus, comitatus, vice-comitatus, provincias, praefecturas, dominia et insulas. Auctore I Covens et C. Mortier'.

Amsterdam, c.1690. From a composite atlas by Jean Covens and Corneille Mortier, Atlas Nouveau... c.1761.

A decorative map of Scotland with three fine cartouches. Allard's copperplate was acquired by Covens & Mortier; this is the second state, with Allard's imprint replaced by that of Covens and Mortier both in the cartouche and in the script below.

A fine dark impression ,with bright original colour on heavy paper with wide margins. A rare map in excellent condition.