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SOLD Karte von Luisiana, dem Laufe des Mississipi und den Benachbarten Laendern


Code: 76387

City: Leipzig 1744. From Reisen zu Wasser und zu Lande. Scarce German issue.

A finely engraved map covering the region from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico over to the Rocky Mountains and Santa Fe. The information in the west includes the road from Mexico City to Santa Fe and the routes of St. Denis and De Soto though Texas. The map shows strategic forts and the areas claimed by the French just prior to the French and Indian War. Incredible detail of settlements, Indian tribes, rivers, and trails. Nice compass rose.

The map is in very good condition with a three inch piece of margin that has been added to allow framing. This margin was not originally there as the map was folded into a book.

Ref: cf. McCorkle 744-1; Brown (Ohio) p. 69-70