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Constantinople and the Mouth of the Golden Ho

Constantinople and the Mouth of the Golden Ho

Code: 78177

  • Date: 1876
  • Condition: AA
  • Colour: Uncoloured
  • Size: 42 inches x 15.75

Title: 'Constantinople and the Mouth of the Golden Horn...'

This engraving was provided gratis to subscribers of the "The Graphic" Illustrated Newspaper and is derived from an original photograph taken of the city and then engraved for printing.

This view was issued during the expanse of modernization for the city which would later include the infrastructure build out of bridges, telephone systems, water systems, trams, etc. The view has many important city landmarks identified by captions such as: Mosque of Mahmoud II, Tophana; Tower of Leander, Scutari, Scutari Hospital, Kadikeui, Sea of Marmora, Mosque of Saint Sophia, Hippodrome of Sultan Achmet, Mosque of Suleman, Mosque Yeni Djami Mosque of Nouri Osnian, etc.

The image is a continuous view separated and printed top and bottom however, the image could be divided and framed lengthwise for an even more impressive perspective. The image displays very, sharp detail.

The image is folded for easy and affordable shipping and can easily be flattened to ready for matting and presentation. There are no tears or other damage to the engraving. In a great state of preservation.