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Manhattan Skyline - East River Grandscape

Manhattan Skyline - East River Grandscape

Code: JR1905

Condition: AAA
Colour: Original
Size: 18.5" x 75"
A huge panorama in original tube as shown.
The Manhattan Skyline Portraits show New York City at its loftiest, prior to September 11, 2001, in an eye-catching view: "An East River Portrait." The portrait is a precise scale drawing, depicting in full color more than 1000 buildings. The depth of detail found in this eye-level panorama rivals the richness and clarity of a photograph. You can use the Manhattan Skyline Portrait to identify more than 500 structures using the pointers and informative labels printed in the sky. Besides listing the structure's name, the story of these buildings is told in its vital statistics, such as the date completed, street address and the architect. Labels for skyscrapers taller than 700 feet (213 m) also list the height in stories, feet and meters. In addition many labels include further information of historic interest.
Scale: All buildings in the panoramas are drawn to the same scale, which means no structure is diminished in size because of its distance from you, the viewer. All skyscrapers stand tall in these group portraits, even those in the back row. The scale, one inch = 250 feet, or 1 centimeter = 30 meters, means the Empire State Building in these panoramas is 5 3/4 inches tall (15 cm). This illustration took over three years to complete.
The portrait depicts Manhattan south of 96th Street where the tallest buildings are located. Areas shown include Midtown and the Financial District, as well as portions of the Lower East Side, Greenwich Village and the upper East and West sides.