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Valk - Regnum Scotiae

Valk - Regnum Scotiae

Code: 78282

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  • Date: 1700
  • Condition: AA
  • Colour: Original
  • Size: 21.0 x 25.0 inches.
  • (previously GBP 400)

Title: 'Regnum Scotiae, feu pars Septent: Magnae Brittanniae, divifa in Scotiam Septent: et Auftralem, porro autem in Comit: Rossiam Maraviam, Praefect: Lavdoniam, Renefroviam et Arandum, una cum Infulis Ebuda Occident: et Orient: Mula, Jura et Ila.' Amsterdam, 1700.

An interesting map with a constricted north-south axis, resulting in a somewhat contorted depiction. Inset: Orkneys.

In very good condition with only minor condition faults: overall slight browning of paper and some foxing in the margins. Pencil marks in bottom margin. Creasing along top and bottom margins. Evidence of past repairs to top margins and areas of hinging tape along verso top margin.