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Australien - Anonymous mapmaker

Code: JR2073


Date: c 1820

Condition: AA

Colour: Uncoloured

Size: 40 x 29 cms

A very rare and intricate nineteenth century map of Oceania showing Australia as it was described 1815 and New Zealand as it was described in 1840. Many cities are located.  In the bottom left below the map." SBV "" Schulbuecher-Verschleiss-Administration " Adm Kr-10. CM, and bottom right the initials "CPSCRAM "Cum Sacrae privilegio Caesareae Regiaeque Apostolicae Maiestatis" in Latin or "the Privilege of his Apostolic Royal Majesty of Austria".

In very good condition, minor toning and original folds. Wide margins and blank verso.

Australien - Anonymous mapmaker