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Le Rouge - Canada et Louisiane

Le Rouge - Canada et Louisiane

Code: JR2069

£1,200.00 Approx $1494.4, €1396.97

Date: 1755

Condition: A

Colour: Original

Size: 51 x 63 cm, 29 x 22 inches.

Title: "CANADA ET LOUISIANE Par le Sr LE ROUGE, Ingénieur géographe du Roy à Paris rue des Augustins Avec Privilege du Roi 1755". 

First state of this important map of the eastern portion of North America, published on the eve of the French and Indian War.  Large inset of the upper Mississippi, inset map of the lower Mississippi and the Gulf, small inset view of Niagara Falls.

"Covers the eastern part of North America from James Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. Includes inset extensions of Louisiana and the present southeastern United States. Shows provinces, numerous towns and cities, forts, mines, rivers, Indian villages and tribal territory, the Great Lakes, and relief. Also includes an inset view, 'Sault du Niagara.' Color is used to identify French, Spanish, and English territorial claims. Annotated in French to show 'les pretensions des Anglois' particularly with regard to boundaries and treaties concerning Nova Scotia" (Sellers and Van Ee). 

This first state was published in 1755 and is scarce. The map has a varied publishing history: with the outbreak of the American Revolution engendering increasing demand for American maps, Le Rouge reworked the plate (adding the boundaries of the new States) and re-titled it 'Theatre de la guerre en Amérique' in 1777. He then re-worked it again and published it in 1787 with the title 'Carte d'une partie de l'Amérique Septentrionale pour servir a l'Histoire de la dernière guerre' . The map has a distinctly French viewpoint with a greatly reduced British presence in North America by reducing the boundary lines in the northern and western extents of the British colonies. Three insets adorn this map, the largest of which is of upper Mississippi River valley. A smaller inset depicts the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and western panhandle of Florida. A small view shows Niagara Falls. Fort Duquesne is show in two places on the map, according to D’Anville and Jefferys. This map is rich with details, crossed swords mark the battles between the French and British at Fort Duquesne and Crown Point, below Lake Champlain. Many frontier forts and settlements.

In good condition: rebacked onto Japanese tissue and with a small area of lower margin replaced in facsimile (4 x 2 cms). These faults are reflected in the price.

Ref: McCorkle, New England in Early Printed Maps 755.23; Sellers and Van Ee, Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies 33.