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Illustrated London News - Windsor Caste to Gr

Illustrated London News - Windsor Caste to Gr

Code: JR1703

£320.00 Approx $405.06, €373.83

Date: 1857

Condition: AA 

Colour: Hand coloured. 
Size: 55 x 80 cms

Engraved by John Dower. An extremely detailed map of the vicinity of London, as it was in 1855 when this map was published. Many vignettes showing scenes in and around London. Shows the roads, towns, villages, and cities, with a major street level map of London in the center. 

Very Large Folding Illustration Arrival Of The Emperor And Empress Of The French At Windsor Castle on the verso. 

In very good condition with the top left margin cut close and a small repair to the left side.