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Blaeu - Mecklenburg Ducatus

Blaeu - Mecklenburg Ducatus

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  • Date: c.1640
  • Condition: AAA
  • Colour: Original.
  • Size: 58 X 49.5 cm
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Title: ' MECKLENBURG DUCATUS', Latin text edition.

Mecklenburg, located in Northern Germany, was a duchy within the Holy Roman Empire, then divided, and after 1815 two Grand Duchies, then a state, and now part of the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Its borders are the Baltic Sea to the north, the rivers of Recknitz and Trebel to the east, the Elbe river to the southwest. On the west Mecklenburg borders Lower Saxony and Holstein. Mecklenburg is in the low-lying coastal plain, full of small rivers, canals and lakes, its sandy Baltic shoreline protected by dunes.

In excellent condition.