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Ogilby -  ' New Map of England with a table t

Ogilby - ' New Map of England with a table t

Code: JR2077

£180.00 Approx $228.72, €210.28

Date: c 1689

Condition: C

Colour: Old

Size: 15 x 12 inches

Title:  'A New Map of England with a table to .... find the towns'.

( state 4 of the plate listed in Shirley PMBI-2 under Ogilby 1).

William Morgan, who was the successor to John Ogilby’s business, had the original plate completely re-engraved in about 1689 for inclusion in the Ogilby-Morgan pocket-size travel books. These were issued in multiple editions until about 1745, each with the general map and tables listing more than 500 towns. Because the pocket-size books were intended for travel, the map was typically folded multiple times and, due to opening & closing as well as utilitarian wear, is seldom in good condition.

In antiquarian condition in need of restoration. Original / old colour with margin additions and minor spotting. Would frame well.