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Blaeu - Anglia Regnum

Blaeu - Anglia Regnum

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£480.00 Approx $604.53, €560.75
  • Date: 1649
  • Condition: AA
  • Colour: Original
  • Size: 49.5cms x 38.5cms

Title: "Anglia Regnum".

A classic map of England and Wales by Joan Blaeu which was first issued in the Atlas Novus or "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" in 1649, and in later editions (the Atlas becoming the "Atlas Maior") up to 1672. There were no issues after this date as there was a disastrous fire which destroyed all Blaeu's plates.

Blaeu's work is acknowledged as amongst the finest cartographic publication from any period, and this is an superb example. As well as the obvious splendid cartouche and coat-of-arms, there is a lovely little vignette involving a cherub and sheep above the scale bar. There are plenty of Galleons in the sea, and the usual beautiful engraving and calligraphy for which Blaeu is renowned. The handcolouring is most attractive and presumed original. The text is in Latin and the pencil annotation suggests it is from the 1658 edition of the Atlas.

Size: Sheet is 60.5cms x 51cms approx. The printed borders are 49.5cms x 38.5cms approx.

Condition: In very good condition. Old pencil annotations in margin bottom right. Large margins. Lovely handcolouring, presumed original. Centrefold as issued with a little discolouring at the bottom. A little scuffed at the middle of the bottom margin edge, and a small tear starting at the top of the centrefold, but only in the margin. Overall in very good condition.