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Bowen - A New & Accurate Map of China

Bowen - A New & Accurate Map of China

Code: JR2075

£280.00 Approx $353.54, €324.83

Date: c 1748

Condition: AA

Colour: Uncoloured

Size: 42 x 36 cms

Title: '"A New & Accurate Map of China. Drawn from Surveys Made by the Jesuit Missionaries by Order of the Emperor..." Publication: John Harris' Navigantium Atque Itinerantium Bibliotheca

A finely engraved map of China and Korea with detail primarily in China. The map was derived from the Jesuit survey of 1708 to 1717. A table at left details these surveys and a key at bottom right provides the meaning of relevant Chinese words. Embellished with pictorial title cartouche and small compass rose.

Condition Description: A dark impression with light toning and offsetting. There are a few spots of foxing confined to the blank margins.

Ref: Shirley (BL Atlases) G.HARR-1a #28.