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Moll - Turkey in Asia

Moll - Turkey in Asia

Code: 78546

£140.00 Approx $177.22, €163.36
  • Date: 1701
  • Condition: AA
  • Colour: Uncoloured
  • Size: cm 19,1 x 17,4

Title: 'Turkey in Asia'

A highly detailed copper engraved map of the Turkish Empire in Asia. Map includes Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, Greece, Arabian Peninsula, Iran and Egypt. Map gives several details concerning placenames, rivers, lakes, mountains, islands.

Source: Hermann MOLL A System of Geography: or, a New & Accurate Description of the Earth in all its Empires, Kingdoms and States. London: A. and J. Churchil and T. Childe, 1701

Dimension: Printed area size approx.: cm 19,7 x 17,6 --- Paper size approx.: cm 21,1 x 31,8

Condition: Very strong and dark impression on good paper. Paper with chains and wiremarks. Uncolored as issued. Wide top and lower margins. Wide right lateral margin. Wide left lateral margin. Small foxing.