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Walton - A New Plaine and Exact Map of Africa

Walton - A New Plaine and Exact Map of Africa

Code: JR1915

£5,000.00 Approx $6226.65, €5813.95
  • Date: 1660
  • Condition: AA
  • Colour: Uncoloured
  • Size: 21 x 16.5 inches

Title: 'A New Plaine and Exact Map of Africa', Robert WALTON (1618-1688) London, ca. 1660. Second State. 

A very rare map with portraits and views on all sides. "Robert Walton was one of a handful of map publishers in London during the 1650s. In 1656 he produced a world map and having clearly perceived a market for a set of the continents, completed them in 1658. [These] rare map[s] [are] not known to have been intended for any book although [they] have been found inserted into examples of Heylin's Cosmographie and Varenius' Cosmography and Geography., '' 

Condition: An uncoloured copper engraved map with original folds and with margins cropped close to the plate marks but with no loss of printed surface, a little aged toned, otherwise the maps are in very good original condition on supple paper. A few spots and very minor cracks at the lower fold line on several maps. Binding stubs are on the verso of all maps.