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Hondius - Africae Nova Tabula - 1st state

Hondius - Africae Nova Tabula - 1st state

Code: JR1935


Date: 1619

Condition: A

Colour: Uncoloured

Size: 70 x 55 cms

This is the very rare, and seperately issued, first state of the famous Hondius map. It was hugely influential, providing a milestone for later Africa maps by Blaeu, Janson, Bertius, Tavernier etc. It is estimated that there are only three copies of the America map from this set. The exact number of this Africa map is unknown - but it is likely to be similarly few.

The map has many decorative elements and is chiefly notable for the bottom panel of vignettes that was removed in later editions for inclusion in the atlas.

This map is in good condition with a clear image on stable paper - it has been remargined on the right and left sides, and there is a backing reinforcement over some of the area that results in a slight variation in tone on the front of the map. Please see the images.

This map is unlikely to be available on the market any time soon and thus represents a unique opportunity to acquire a true cartographic milestone and rarity.