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Desnos / Danet - L'Afrique

Desnos / Danet - L'Afrique

Code: JR2092

£480.00 Approx $607.59, €560.75

Date: 1777

Condition: B

Colour: Original

Size: 490 x 710 mm

Title: ' L'Afrique dressée sur les Relations et nouvelles decouvertes de differens Voyageurs...", Louis Charles Desnos after Danet; Paris dated 1777.

A large and ornate map of the continent. Surrounded by 46 flags of nations and powers of the time: Denmark, Barbares, Perse, Moscow, Pologne, Danzig, Monaco, Malta, Venise, Ragusa, Grenade, France, England, Holland...

In fair condition, supported with thin paper on verso. Repairs and loss all along former folds! Some signs of age, staining and toning. Price reflects the condition.